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Tricks Wear Polo Shirt

1. All-white: Whether you’re heading for a game or just want to look smart, an all-white outfit can always work wonders. Start with classic white pique polo. Make sure the shirt cuts slim through the body. Next, team the polo with white chinos that are narrow through the leg and taper towards the bottom. Complete the look with rice brown loafers. If white doesn’t work for your skin tone, go in for any other pastel hues.

2. Sports luxe: Since the polo gets its origin from a sport, you can even give it a sportier look by teaming it with a pair of joggers or athleisure’s. You can even pair it with black cropped trousers. White leather shoes or canvas trainers will complete your look.

3. Shirt replacement: An easy way to look sharp while looking cool is by replacing your full-sleeve white shirt with a polo shirt in your suit or blazer. Dark hues polos can be extremely formal when paired with the right coat or blazer. You can add a bit of sophistication to your look by wearing minimal trainers or suede loafers.

4. Dress it up: If polos suit you too much, you can also use it as a top layer for formal events. A plain coloured polo works well here. You can pair it with chinos and a nice leather belt for a formal event. Finish up with leather shoes or loafers.

Cufflinks Can Change Looks

Sports events

For a perfect athlete, sports cufflinks should never lack on his wardrobe. If he loves football, he can attend the football matches with football cufflinks for men. Cheering up a team with a sports outfit is inspiring.

Wedding ceremonies

When attending a wedding event, an official outfit is appropriate for a man as opposed to ladies. He can never be complete with personalized photo wedding cufflinks. He should always stand out the rest of that big day.


Fun occasions like birthday parties can be made better with superhero cufflinks. Celebrating a special occasion with bespoke cufflinks on your outfit is a nice way to preserve your treasured memories.

Men’s cufflinks can be worn in different styles depending on the time you want to attend. It is vital to learn how to dress up for different events and make sure that you complete them with cufflinks.

We wondered what people were looking at when Ricky walked down the aisle. Many eyes were focused on him and his groom’s men. Suddenly something caught our attention. It was the sparkling cufflinks on the gentlemen’s wrists. We wanted to join them as they were walking gracefully to their sitting places.

About Types of Hats

Technically, a hat is a head gear, which is worn by both men and women, for various purposes which may include head protection, ceremonies and rituals and various other reasons as well. They were supposed to be a symbol of high class in the earlier times. There are a huge number of hats present in today’s world. They range from soldier to military to party to leisure and many more. However, the most prominent are the party hats.

Party hats are the hats which can be worn by both men and women, on any occasion according to their desires, to add an essence of charm to their personality and outlook. They are generally conical in shape and have glitters covered all over them. They are most amusing when they are designed by artists that take a keen interest in making the hat the best accessory to wear. Various party hat themed parties take place across the globe wherein different people with a different hat of their own come together and boast their creation on their own party hats. The exact shape may not be similar, but the most widely and commonly worn one is in the shape of a cone which is tied at both ends with an elastic string which can be pulled to an extent that it comes all the way down till the chin of the individual, which provides a good grip and looks pleasing to the eye as well.

Various factors need to be kept in mind while purchasing a party hat as they can be similar to others’ as well. May it be the length, the style, the shape of the hat or the string size; there are various individual needs of every person. Many hats come without the string as well, though they give an altogether different look. But mostly, all of the party hats have a string attached to them.

There are various hats namely

  • Baseball cap
  • Beaver
  • Batting helmet
  • Beanie
  • Derby
  • Bucket
  • Bobble
  • Top
  • Sailor
  • Straw hat
  • Umbrella
  • Turban
  • Hood

Wardrobe With Fusion Wear

  1. The Patiala Pyjamas

These aren’t just any average pajamas and it sure wasn’t meant to be paired with kurtis alone. In fact, Patiala pajamas work great with most western tops. A razor-cut top, a graphic-heavy t-shirt, or even a shirt – a Patiala pajama can be worn with these. It’s great for when you need to step out for a lazy, casual occasion. It’s easy and very comfortable.

  1. Crop Tops

Crop tops have always been a little tricky to deal with. Most often, we just shy away from wearing something that’s a few inches above the waist. So how do you pull it off without feeling very conscious? The best way – substitute it for your saree blouse. From Sonam Kapoor to Alia Bhatt, fashionistas across the sub-continent have been spotted wearing a crop top with their saree. It’s edgy, smart, and skilfully bridges ethnic and western wear.

  1. Long Skirts

The next time you have a party or a high-brow event, don’t head out shopping. The best ensemble is right there in your closet. Choose a dazzling lehenga with exquisite border-work or a long, skirt with traditional motifs. Team it with a crisp white shirt, a silk kurta, or a crop top. And that’s all you need to stand out from the crowd.

Popular Bra Fabrics


A popular type of semi-natural fabric in the bra manufacturing industry is rayon which is often blended with other natural or synthetic fabrics. It is a very soft and smooth fabric that can copy the look and feel of cotton or silk items, but this depends on the manufacturing process. One of the most luxurious types of rayon is known as modal and is extremely soft against the skin. If the rayon fabric is used in bras it will likely be combined with polyester or spandex to give a higher degree of elasticity. A further benefit of this semi-natural fabric is the ability to avoid fading or shrinkage after repeated washes.


Virtually all bras contain a certain amount of synthetic fibers. This fabric is needed to add flexibility and stretch which are often lacking in natural alternatives. A great choice for bras that holds the required elastic properties is spandex. The spandex is only included in small quantities with a material like cotton to make sure the durability and breathability is maintained, while also having the required flexibility. Plus, spandex has the ability to regain its shape even after being stretched repeatedly. However, this synthetic fabric does present a risk of skin irritation for many people.

Silicone Wristbands

Celebrations: Instead of expensive platinum/diamond rings, these days, people prefer silicone wedding rings and bracelets. The good news is that there’s no room for panic in case you lose your bracelet. You can get a detailed replica within 24 hours. Couples can design their wristbands with their own special message. They make the perfect wedding favors your guests will actually want.

Kids ID Bracelets: Every parent worries about the safety of their kids. Whether they go to a school trip or to the shopping mall, their safety is always a top priority. What parents are doing nowadays is writing their contact info on the bands. It’s the perfect solution for these types of places where a child could become separated from their parent or group.

Medical Alert Bracelets: Children suffering from a severe medical condition often have custom wristbands with medical information printed on them. If they fell unconscious or if there’s any other emergency, they can communicate their needs to the medical team.

Team Spirit: People who belong to the same sports team or fans supporting their favorite athletes all wear a cool set of customizable accessories to show their love for sports. Companies also people use them to boost their team spirit in the workplace. Personalized bracelets help to build a strong sense of teamwork and unity.

Fashion: Silicone bracelets are an epic accessory, always in style. This is a unique unisex item which looks good on everyone. Women like how it matches with their outfit and some go for contrasting colors. It depends on your own personal style.

Storage device: Funky USB bracelets help us store both our business and personal information. They are customized with USB flash drives formed into a durable silicone band that stores your most important docs and photos.

Western Boots

For Western rider’s cowboy boots are a big deal and they are essential. I know I have searched many places for a boot that would fit me just right and fit the type of use I will be needing them for while riding and playing around in the barn. My first pair of boots broke apart and slowly started to deteriorate. Eventually I had to many holes in them to use any longer, so it was time to get a new pair. I decided to get a pair of boots that was from the brand Ariat. This is a boot and clothing brand that is very well known in the horse world. I would strongly recommend this brand of boots to anyone. I have had them for over four years and they still are water proof and holding up very well. The bottom of the boots is rubber, so they aren’t going to wear out like my other boots did, which were a type of wood bottom. After getting these boots, I have fallen in love with this company.

When show season came around, I decided I needed to get a pair of show boots that would match my black chaps. I found a pair of Ariat black Fatbaby boots that worked out perfect for what I was looking for and what I needed. I have used these boots in several shows and they have not fallen apart or have barely any wear at all. These boots are expensive, so don’t be surprised if you have to pay over a hundred dollars for a pair of these boots. They are an expensive purchase no matter where you go, but from experience this is the brand that I have gotten the most for my money. It’s better to get a pair that will last you for years than a pair that will only last you a few months until they will need to be replaced. So, for anyone who is in search of a pair of western boots or wants to know a great brand to check out, please consider Ariat, because they will not disappoint you.

Gentleman Sport Style

Skip the dress shoes
The footwear can single-handedly bring a lot of change in your overall look and is one of the key components of a dapper look. The semi-formal is the best option for the gentleman sports style. If you are in suit and chinos, then, make sure that you don’t wear dress shoes with it. The loafers and sneaker are the ideal options. Even the flip-flops and sandals are in vogue this season. However, make sure that you don’t wear socks with them. While with the sneakers, you can wear a pair of ankle socks.

Play with colors and patterns
Play around with colors, patterns and prints, but make sure that the shades that you are choosing match your skin tone. The classic shades like gray, black and white are never going out of style. However, you can even ditch the neutral shades and go with the bolder ones if it suits you. Having said that, dressing in one color is the most recommended and the safest option for the elegant look. Combine different textures of the attire. At the same time, you can go casual in the bottom half. Jeans, chinos and even shorts at times can do the magic for you. You can choose any contrasting color when it comes to bottoms. However, make sure that you don’t compromise with underwear styles. Only go for the snug fit styles of men’s underwear.

Choose interesting layer
Layers can add style along with ample sophistication to your appearance. Pair a t-shirt with a sports coat or a printed tee with a sleek jacket. The lightweight hoodies and cardigans are apt options for the casual summer look. The shade of the top layer should contrast with your shirt. While for the formal look, the suit must match the color of the trouser, for the partially sports look, you can ditch this rule. The lowest layer of the attire, that is, the undergarment should not be visible through the t-shirt or shirt. Whether you are choosing men’s trunk underwear or any other cut, it should fit you well without the visible seam line.

Winter Boots

Best waterproof boots for women

Those are one of the most beautiful women’s waterproof winter boots. Knee-high boots with laces, made of a special waterproof material and lined with artificial fur, which slightly protrudes over the collar are an excellent choice for the winter. They have a thicker sole with additives that prevent slipping and very trendy look. With equal ease, you can wear them with jeans or an unusual skirt without thinking about the weather. These boots will warm your feet, and you will look sophisticated and stable while you move forward, even when you encounter ice.

Best warm winter boots

For all of us sensitive to the cold is of particular importance to find warm and cute winter boots that can warm us during winter minuses. Unfortunately, most manufacturers take more attention to aesthetic details and leave the boots cold inside.

If you want to feel comfortable in boots, even when you need to spend some time outside, the best choice for you are boots made from natural materials. Modern manufacturing processes improved the leather and made it waterproof while allowing the foot to breathe. They should be set with the natural fur or wool, and some models are even outside covered with fur so in their ability to warm your feet should not be doubted.

Wear High Rise Jeans

When to wear high-rise jeans? The answer is simple: when you have a great body and you want to show it. High-rise jeans are meant to show the wearer beautiful shape and particularly enhance the bottoms. And now, fashion brands have increased the front inseam up to 11.5 inches. To wear such jeans, requires some efforts. That means that you must be really fit. But with great effort comes bigger rewards and your friends will always admire how well you fit in your new jeans.

The immense versatility of high rise jeans means that they can be worn anytime of the year, as long as you choose the right size, color and texture. When choosing a high-rise pair of jeans, make sure it has good “memory” properties, meaning how fast will the texture spring back after wear.

Regarding what to wear with this type of jeans, the options are also seemingly countless. Since the obvious reason you wear them is to display your waist and shape, choose a style that does so. A tucked-in top is the first and most common choice. Almost every style works, from long-sleeve tops, stripped t-shirts, tees and even lumberjack shirts.

Cropped tops and these jeans are a dream combo, both for the wearer and for anyone looking. Just be careful, there’s a thin line between being chic and kitsch. Revealing too much or exposing bras are some unpleasant fashion errors.