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About Types of Hats

Technically, a hat is a head gear, which is worn by both men and women, for various purposes which may include head protection, ceremonies and rituals and various other reasons as well. They were supposed to be a symbol of high class in the earlier times. There are a huge number of hats present in today’s world. They range from soldier to military to party to leisure and many more. However, the most prominent are the party hats.

Party hats are the hats which can be worn by both men and women, on any occasion according to their desires, to add an essence of charm to their personality and outlook. They are generally conical in shape and have glitters covered all over them. They are most amusing when they are designed by artists that take a keen interest in making the hat the best accessory to wear. Various party hat themed parties take place across the globe wherein different people with a different hat of their own come together and boast their creation on their own party hats. The exact shape may not be similar, but the most widely and commonly worn one is in the shape of a cone which is tied at both ends with an elastic string which can be pulled to an extent that it comes all the way down till the chin of the individual, which provides a good grip and looks pleasing to the eye as well.

Various factors need to be kept in mind while purchasing a party hat as they can be similar to others’ as well. May it be the length, the style, the shape of the hat or the string size; there are various individual needs of every person. Many hats come without the string as well, though they give an altogether different look. But mostly, all of the party hats have a string attached to them.

There are various hats namely

  • Baseball cap
  • Beaver
  • Batting helmet
  • Beanie
  • Derby
  • Bucket
  • Bobble
  • Top
  • Sailor
  • Straw hat
  • Umbrella
  • Turban
  • Hood